Taiwan Headquarters

GPS Tracking
  N-383 CPND
  N-386 CPND
  N-387 CPND
  T-105 Personal Tracker
  T-108 GPS Phone
  T-109A Personal Tracker
  T-111 Personal Tracker
  T-365 GPS Datalogger
  GD-730 GPS Datalogger
  T-3063 DVR
  T-307 GPS DVR
  T-317 3G GPS DVR
Double DIN (2DIN)
 For Toyota, Nissan, Ford, etc.
 GPS USB Interface
  For UMPC,Laptop,Netbook,PMP,etc

GPS Vehicle


  Active Antenna
  Patch Antenna
  Marine Antenna
  SBG-190 GPS Signal Repeater
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ProGin Technology Inc.

PROGIN Technology Inc. was founded in 1999. It’s a professional high-tech corporation specializing in research, development, manufacture and sales of the GPS navigation products. With its headquarters in Taiwan, PROGIN has its own top-ranking research development team, professional manufacture factory, and Bluetooth GPS, GPS mouse receiver, navigator, active antenna and GPS module etc. with its own brand. Equipped with the latest GPS orientation chipset, our products feature low consumption and high sensitivity, can meet the requirements of personal navigation, work in the open air, supervising etc. Meanwhile, PROGIN also accepts OEM/ODM orders related with GPS.

Taiwan Headquarters
WEB: www.progin.com.tw
E-mail: info@progin.com.tw


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   N-387 GPS 3G 7Ħħ PND  
   T-317 3G GPS DVR  

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