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ProGin SR-94 GPS Module

General Description

ProGin SR-94 is a high performance receiver module for the Global Positioning System

(GPS) solution. It combines SiRFstarIII GPS single chip, LNA circuit, SAW filter, oscillator,crystal and regulators into a land grid array module with a compact ,size of 13mm by 15mm by 2.1mm..The specified firmware is pre-loaded into the built-in 4-Mbit Flash memory of SR-94 for GPS application. It can be easily embedded into portable devices for GPS wireless communication.



Compact size module: 48-pin land grid array module with a size of 13mmx15mmx2.1mm

Integrate GPS chip, LNA circuit, SAW filter, oscillator, crystal and regulators on a single module.

Supports 20-channel GPS

Extremely fast TTFFs at low signal levels

Support 2 UART interfaces, battery backed SRAM, 5 GPIOs

Receiver sensitivity: -159dBm

Support NMEA-0183 and SiRF binary protocol

Support SBAS (WAAS and EGNOS)



Mobile phones, PDA phones, smart phones

Plug-in module for GPS receiver

GPS navigator

Automotive GPS application


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