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Product Description

This document specifies the electrical, mechanical and behavioral characteristics of ProGin multimode GPS engine module. ProGin multimode GPS engine module is illustrated in figure 1 below. In a cell phone application, ProGin multimode GPS engine module works under a protocol stack executing on the cell baseband. ProGin multimode GPS engine module accepts GPS assistance information from the cell baseband and performs all signal processing necessary to acquire and determine satellite code phase

information (also referred to as pseudo-range), time tags and the code phase information

can return. ProGin multimode GPS engine module presents a simple UART serial

interface to the cell baseband processor. A communications protocol is implemented from which the cell baseband processor issues commands to the GPS baseband and obtains responses. This protocol includes the download of GPS baseband software from internal flash memory, SR-96 can be operated Conventional Autonomous mode and Assisted

Autonomous mode when aiding information be supported from the server. Figure 1. ProGin SR-96 GPS engine module

Mechanical specification

Size & Volume 13.1 x 15.9 x 2.5 mm, 0.52cc

Weight 1.03 g

Electrical connection

36 ports on PCB

Material requirements

The shield case is made of metallic material for suppressive RF radiation.

Printed Circuit Board

Completed circuits may be selectively coated with an acrylic resin, air/oven cured conformal coating, clear lacquer or corresponding method which gives electrical insulation and sufficient resistance to corrosion.

Temperature requirements

Operating temperature: -30 ? +80 ? Storage temperature: -40 ? to +85 ? Max temperature: 235 ? , 10sec


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